The Hatcher Group has closed over $1.78 billion in self-storage transactions across the United States. We offer our clientele underwriting, customized marketing, and comprehensive financial analytics at an unprecedented level to procure maximum capital benefits for our clients. Our team is extremely versatile and is equipped to broker anything from a privately owned self-storage facility to an institutional grade self-storage portfolio. With over 15 years of combined experience in the field, The Hatcher Group repeatedly provides the largest pool of investors to ensure the best financial outcome for your facility or portfolio.


BRETT HATCHERSenior Managing Director Investments
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GABRIEL COESenior Vice President Investments
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JACOB BECHERFirst Vice President Investments
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NATHAN COESenior Associate
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BRIAN KELLYSenior Associate
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JONATHAN FAWLEYInvestments Associate
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MEIR PERLMUTERInvestments Associate
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TASSO DOUGLASInvestments Associate
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CLINT MILLERInvestments Associate
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LUKE DAWLEYInvestments Associate
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HEATHER SCOTTMarketing Director
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ALEX THROCKMORTONTransaction Coordinator
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CHRISTIAN LIEFELDSenior Financial Analyst
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JOHN MILESFinancial Analyst
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EMMA AL-HAMMOUDIMarketing Associate
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MICHAEL GLASSFirst Vice President
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MANDY HARTSenior Operations Manager
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DOUG BROOKSDirector – Marcus & Millichap Corporation
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“The Team at Compass has bought and we have sold self storage properties with The Hatcher Group and we have greatly benefited from working with The Hatcher Group because we had a high level of trust with not only the information that we received but also in the guidance that we received. We look at a very large number of deals but we feel confident that the deals we work on with Brett and his group have been vetted and researched so we can quickly asses if the deal will match up with our investment parameters. Most deals require some give and take to get them across the finish line and we always feel comfortable with Brett and his Group that they are working towards a Win/Win.”

Todd Amsdell, Compass Storage

“The Hatcher Group has provided the Sterling Group with consistent expertise on valuations of self-storage properties and provided us information on the broad market nuances existing in markets we are contemplating developing in or acquiring properties in. They have been thorough and prompt with the information and extremely professional. The Hatcher Group has become respected for their honesty and integrity 100% of the time. The Hatcher Group is consistent with their information, they stay on top of closing issues so both Buyer and Seller does not wonder what is happening. Additionally, they can facilitate issue to bring resolution satisfactorily to both Buyer and Seller. They are consummate professionals.”

Larry Swank, Sterling Group

“Brett and his team uncover numerous attractive investment opportunities in multiple regions in which we are actively investing in self storage.  They maintain excellent relationships with “their” sellers, so that during the due diligence and closing processes, they continue to add value as intermediaries and negotiators.  On top of this, they are both patient and persistent in reaching the desired results of a successful deal.”

David Levenfeld, Storage Pros

“Brett is an absolutely solid guy in every way. He is also smart, thoughtful and works hard to be sure that the deal gets done that works for both sides. Brett is a trustworthy, good person that you can feel good about doing business with.  They work exceptionally hard for their clients and have been in the storage business much longer than many groups so can anticipate issues that can occur on deals before they happen.”

Liz Schlesinger, Merit Hill Capital

“I worked with Nathan Coe & Brett Hatcher on the sale of a large self storage facility in Florida in early 2019. We had offers within 10 days of going to market, were under contract a week later and closed on time without any extensions or changes to the agreed upon price and terms. They professionally and effectively navigated the sale process the entire way. I selected this team to sell my asset over other large storage brokerage groups in the industry, and would highly recommend Nathan Coe and The Hatcher Group for any owners considering a sale.”

Dave Gonzales, Florida

“I worked with Gabriel Coe on our acquisition a property South Florida property. I was very impressed with his ability to fairly problem solve through unexpected problems and understand the buyer’s needs for each and every issue. His communication skills along with his team’s attention to detail, and their willingness to do whatever it takes to get the deal closed played a key role in getting both sides a win/win transaction.”

Carlos Diaz, President of Value Store It

“Gabriel Coe and The Hatcher Group sold my property for a Alabama Record price per square foot. Their process and tough negotiating skills were key in a smooth closing from a very professional out of state buyer. Gabriel is one of the most impressive Real Estate professionals that I have worked with in my 40 years of selling real estate. From the day he called me until beyond closing, his knowledge, tough negotiating skills and hard work have benefitted our family greatly.”

Peter Lowe, Advantage Climate Control Storage – Huntsville, AL

“Gabriel Coe and Brett Hatcher are deal makers. They have a tremendous ability to communicate and negotiate win/win solutions for complex transactions.  They have a true understanding of the needs of the buyers and the sellers and it shows. Their deep understanding of the financials of each transaction and overall market knowledge make each acquisition a smooth process.”

Mike Pizzella, Stay Lock Storage

“I worked with both Gabriel Coe & Nathan Coe on my acquisition of two transactions in 2018, a property in Ohio and a four portfolio in Florida . Each time I was very impressed with their knowledge of each asset and their process as a whole. Their organization, communication and professionalism was a key part in my ability to close two challenging transactions in a very short time frame. Thanks again for all of your hard work”

John Cameron, President, IncaAztec Management Inc

“I worked with Nathan Coe & The Hatcher Group on the sale of a newly built, large self storage facility in the Boston Market in early 2019. They are deal makers and have a tremendous ability to communicate and negotiate win/win solutions for complex transactions. We listed just before the holidays in December and wanted to close by the end of Q1 and they got the job done! We had two rounds of offers from a total of 15 different buyer groups. We closed on time without any extensions or changes to the agreed upon price and terms. They professionally and effectively navigated the sale process the entire way. I’ve sold numerous large commercial real estate properties, but this was my first time selling a self storage facility. I would highly recommend Nathan Coe and The Hatcher Group for any owners considering a sale.”

Samara Kaufman, EverWest Real Estate Investors

“I worked with Nathan Coe & The Hatcher Group on the sale of our self storage facility in North Carolina. This was an assumption transaction, and one with many layers of complexity, and Nathan successfully navigated the deal throughout the process and across the finish line. It was a very positive experience working with him and he has a tremendous ability to communicate and negotiate win-win solutions for complex transactions like these. I have sold numerous real estate properties, but this was our first time selling a self storage facility. I would highly recommend Nathan Coe and The Hatcher Group for any owners considering a sale.”

Jason Sharer

“We work with Nathan Coe and have had a great experience. He works hard to represent us and bring strong offers to the table while really looking out for our best interest. I highly recommend these guys as representatives in the self storage space.”

Nick Huber

“After more than 40 years in the self storage business, our family decided to place our facility FOR SALE with Brett Hatcher and members of his team through Marcus-Millichap in Columbus, OH. In less than one-week, Brett had presented us a Buyer for consideration and our property was SOLD. We found Brett to be especially knowledgeable about the self storage industry. Members of his team published a first-class offering memorandum detailing our facility and comparisons among other local competitors. The data sets that Marcus Millichap uses to compile this information is incredible. All team members assigned to our listing were available and attentive to questions. In short, this experience went as it should – professional, knowledgeable, timely, helpful and closed. Brett and members of his team [Alex, Christian, John, etc.] did a great job and we are pleased with the results!!”

M. J. Tremmel, President, Action Mini Storage, Inc.

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